A couple walking toward a small hotel.


October 3, 2023

Sarasota earns Neighborly accolades

Neighbor ranked Sarasota as the No. 4 most neighborly city of 2023. Sarasota was the lone Florida city recognized in the top 25 list, which was determined by factors such as planting roots and embracing community events.

“Recognizing America’s ‘Most Neighborly Cities’ is not just a celebratory act, but a call for unity and hope,” says Joseph Woodbury, Founder and CEO of Neighbor. “Good neighbors heal our society’s biggest wounds, starting with the smallest friendly gesture. The real magic of community is the ability to uplift and magnify our impact. At Neighbor, we’re building a community of neighbors helping neighbors, and everyone’s invited.”

The rankings highlighted Sarasota’s attractiveness for new residents, stating “With year-round beach life calling many to The Sunshine State, Sarasota topped the list with the highest population change of all the top 25 cities – adding 3.4% new faces to the community between 2021 and 2022. “Mother holding infant daughter at first friday event in Lakewood Ranch.